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Surviving Riyadh

A Chance To Meet An Arabian

A Chance To Meet An Arabian

I called Daisy, a friend after talking to Sultan. She was the one who persuaded me to apply for a job in Riyadh. I told her about my conversation with Sultan wanting to meet me. She was happy to learn about it and wanted to know if I was going to meet him. I told her I was going to think about it.

Daisy wanted to come with me if I decided to meet Sultan. She was hoping Sultan could help her. She had been out of job since she turned down the job offered to her in Riyadh. She was afraid to go by herself. She figured if both of us would be hired, it would not be that bad.

Daisy also thought it was our chance to see somebody from Saudi Arabia. She was sure Sultan was a prince because of his first name. She wanted me to ask him. I promised I would. I had a very hectic schedule at work. However, I would like to help her. I was also curious to see somebody from Saudi Arabia.
The conference was an International Scientific Conference. It was a gathering of intellectuals all over the world. Some scientists at work would be going. I had a busy schedule but decided to ask my supervisor for permission to attend.

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