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Surviving Riyadh

A Trip To Grecia

A Trip To Grecia


Amber, a friend came over to pick me up. We walk to the mall to have lunch, then we took a cab to the bus station. There was a long line for the bus to Grecia, but surprisingly there were still some seat unoccupied. The bus left on schedule. I enjoyed the scenic view. It took about 30 minutes to get there. We took a cab to their house.

They’re renting a fully furnished house. I met Mel, her husband for the second time and their friendly dog Krispy. We rested a while. At 3 p.m. we got ready to go to the bank, I needed to withdraw money. We tried three ATM’s but my pin number was rejected. We decided to withdraw with a teller in a bank. I didn’t have any problem there.

We noticed that some roads were closed, apparently there would be a parade. With my limited Spanish, I tried to ask a policeman what time would the parade start. I was misunderstood because he said 11 p.m. We took a cab back to the house.

At 7 p.m. the three of us left for the market. The market is huge, with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. Some merchants were already closing their areas. The usual schedule was changed due to the parade. We did our purchases as fast as we could. They also provided samples of their products. Some of their friends gave them extra for their purchases. By the time we left I was full from the samples.

I helped Amber prepared food for our dinner. We prepared chicken adobo, vegetable salad, and fruits. I enjoyed the company and the food.

Watch out for the next blog...a trip to Grecia.




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