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Surviving Riyadh

Amish People

Amish people and their way of life



I know Amish people are very simple, but I really didn't know how simple they are and their way of life until I did my research.

•    Amish people are simple in many ways that I could never dream of actually being.

•    They don't have televisions or radios like we do.

•    In fact, most of them shy away from the outside world.

•    Their children don't attend public schools or continue their education past the 8th grade.

•    Their schools are usually small one-room schoolhouses that are taught by past students or parents.

•    Their children grow up learning about the farm and all of the chores that come along with it.

•    They do not drive cars, but rely on bicycles and buggies.

•    They do, however, ride in cars and often hire drivers for transportation.

•    Some people make a living by driving the Amish people to and from appointments or shopping.

•    The Amish people wear very simple clothing - always neutral colors, never bright and colorful.

•    Women most often wear coverings on their heads and the little girls can be seen with their long hair in braids.

•    Amish have large family. They might have six children, various ages.

•    Amish children are taught obedience and respect from the day that they are born.

•    They are polite and well-mannered.

•    The Amish people are known for their hard work. They work the farms and are responsible for many of our fruits, vegetables and milk that we all take for granted.

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