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Surviving Riyadh

Attires At Work

Attires At work


•    Non-Muslim women expatriate wore their regular clothing with the exception of the following: Shorts, low-cut dresses or tops, halter or strapless tops, any tight fitting or revealing clothing.

•    The Saudi women wore black cloaks or capes over their heads and black clothing covers their entire body. The only visible parts of their body were their hands.

•    Women from Sudan covered their entire body except their eyes.

•    Women from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh were covered except their faces.


•    Saudi men wore head cover set, long skirt which covers all the way down to the ankle.

•    The headdress consisted of three things, the Taqiyah, the Ghutra and the Iqal.

•    The Ghutrah, part of the headdress was a square scarf made of cotton, and was worn folded into a triangular shape with the fold in the front over the Taqiyah

•    Ghutra came in either pure white or a combination of red and white

•    Non-Saudi men wore their regular attire.

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