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Chronic Pain Remedies

Chronic Pain Remedies

We have a fast-paced society and most people do not take the time to care for their health. Problems like lack of sleep, lack of focus and concentration, and chronic stress are epidemic. Chronic pain is one of the worst of our problems. 

Our society now buys all kinds of pain remedies from common pills like Tylenol and aspirin, to extra strength pain relief that is only available through prescription, to herbal and alternative treatments. Acupuncture, energy manipulation, and other new techniques evolved to ease pain. When you are in chronic pain, you will try anything to make it go away. Fortunately, many of these pain remedies are quite effective.

In 2000, I had Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, commonly called (TMJ.)  I had constant pain in my jaw, my neck, and upper back. The doctor prescribed common pain remedies for my chronic pain such as Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, and etc. These remedies would take away some of the pain but I was very uncomfortable most of the time. 

Remedy such as physical therapy, did not relieve the pain. I would not be able stand or sit for a long period of time. I also tried the exercises recommended to me but it did very little to relieve my pain. I had acupuncture pain relief, but the pain persisted. Eventually, I had surgery. However, the surgery did not completely relieve the pain. I still had chronic pain especially at the back of my neck. Two years ago, I learned about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT.) I used this technique to minimize my chronic pain. I can now work on my computer for hours without pain.

Sharing my experiences with pain remedies provides a lesson that is important to listen to. Most of the time, we look for one cause and one solution.  Actually, our problems are much more complicated than that. Finding the right pain remedies can be a long and a tedious process. If you assume that there can only be one thing that's going to take care of everything, you will be disappointed. If you're willing to be open to the possibility that the problem is a complex one, you will probably find a pain remedy that works for it. 

In my case, my pain remedies involved exercises, medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, surgery and eventually EFT. If I had not been willing to try all of these things, I would still be in chronic pain. I was open-minded and dedicated to finding a solution and I found the solution to my problem.

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