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Surviving Riyadh

Cold Remedy I Learned From A Lebanese Friend

Cold Remedy I Learned From A Lebanese Friend


While residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a friend of mine from Lebanon asked me for a favor. She was having a bad cold and needed somebody to help her get rid of it. She wanted me to light a match, to drop it on her bare back and to cover it immediately with an empty glass. I was very hesitant, afraid I would burn her back. She said that I would not burn her back.

Finally, I was persuaded to do it. She lay on her bed face down, exposing her bare back. I was very nervous. I lighted the match and dropped it on her bare back and immediately covered the flame with the glass. The flame was extinguished. The glass acting as a vacuum pulled the flesh up.

A few minutes later, the glass fall on the side. Her skin was red. She said that she felt good. Before long, I was working with two glasses. By the time I was done her whole back was red from the flame and showing the markings of the glasses. She said that the vacuum created by the glass relieved her of her cold. The next morning, her cold was better.

Keywords: cold, Lebanon, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, flame, glass



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