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Surviving Riyadh

Conclusion...KFSH’s Research Center

Conclusion...KFSH’s Research Center


My responsibilities; Take charge of the lab. I did research involving the detection of ALL (Acute Lymphobastic Leukemia) cells after Chemotheraphy. I collaborated with the Chromium Release Assay and MHC (Major Histocompatability Complex) projects. People wondered what section I actually belonged to.

Some days I would be at the hospital picking up blood samples of patients for DNA extraction. Note! If the tubes were labeled with numbers they belonged to the royal family. I did PCR (Polymerized Chain Reaction) at the laboratory or Synthesized Primers, and etc.

I had to make adjustments while working at the lab. Things that I took for granted at work in USA such as catalogs were stored and locked. The refrigerators were locked and ordering materials for the laboratory took months to arrive.

My problems starting when Mike, a Canadian who used to be in-charged, tried to dominate me. I had a higher grade and was hired to take charge of the lab. There were arguments between us. Since we collaborated in some projects, it became a major problem. Men, who had known Mike for several years gave me a hard time whenever I needed something from their laboratories. My input and suggestions were brushed off and arguing with male co-workers to make my point was not acceptable.

Keywords: research, ALL, Chromium Release Assay, MHC, DNA, blood samples, laboratories

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