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Surviving Riyadh

Conclusion...My Last Visit To Grecia

Conclusion...My Last Visit To Grecia


Conclusion of the previous blog.

A waiter came over to take our orders.  Amber asked for an English menu. I asked her to choice the menu for me. She chose something for herself and Mel’s. We ordered pineapple juice for our beverages.

When the food started to be served, we almost did not have enough space for them. We shared what we ordered. The food were delicious especially the sizzling shrimps. We had lots of leftovers to carry back to their house.

On our way, Amber asked Mel if he could show me around the area. He drove us over to Sarchi, a town in Alajuela passing by beautiful scenery along the way. He stopped by a furniture store. We went inside and checked. He was interested with one chair. He haggled with the price but the salesman would not gave the amount he was asking for.

We drove to two more furniture stores and finally stopped in a not so impressive looking store. We stopped. He asked for someone who he apparently knew. The guy was not there. The bamboo weave iron furniture attracted his attention. He sat in one of the chairs. This chair could be turned 360 degrees.

He specified the kind of chair he wanted. They made measurements according to his specification. Amber wanted to have one for herself but decided to wait and see the final product first. They specified the time the chair would be delivered, made a down payment and we left.

Mel was so excited about his chair. He even thought of partnering with the owner and sell the chair via the internet. Driving back to Grecia, I asked Amber if we could have some dessert someplace. She immediately knew where to go.

Arriving at the location, Mel dropped Amber and I in front of the restaurant while he proceeded to park his car in a safe place. Amber ordered three cappuccinos. It was so delicious. We then drove to their Italian friends who owned a pizza restaurant. They talked a while. We left at 4 p.m., driving back to their house to pick up the coffee I ordered before dropping me off to the bus station.

It was 5 p.m. when we arrived in Alajuela. I took a cab back to my apartment. It was a wonderful day to spend with my friends before leaving for the U. S.




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