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Surviving Riyadh

Conclusion...Vegetable Picking In The Desert

Conclusion...Vegetable Picking In The Desert

Meanwhile, everybody started talking. Most of the men worked for companies on contractual basis, their wives worked at the hospital. They talked about what was happening in the Philippines at that time. I listened. Finally, my friend told everybody that I came from the USA.

All of a sudden everyone wanted to know more about life in the America, how come I could still speak the Filipino language, others wanted me to meet their relatives when I went back America.
After lunch, we cleaned up. The farm caretakers invited us to pick some of their vegetables. We drove to the area. I was amazed at what I saw. The vegetables were growing in knee deep red sand. How could they possibly grow something in the sand? The plants were grown under the shade of white clothes.

Healthy and huge tomatoes laid on the sand. I picked up the ripe ones. Then we moved to the beans section, followed by cucumber section filling up our plastic bags. Everywhere we went all the plants were very healthy. I had fun picking up the vegetables and my plastic bags got heavier. Getting back to the car would be a problem.

I stopped and just looked around me. The farm was huge. Lots of caretakers assisted us and answered our questions. Everybody had enough. We went back to the hall. We shared the left-over food, thanked the caretakers, exchanged words with the group, and headed back to the hospital.

On our way, we went through the same routine watching out for Mutaween cars. Fortunately, we arrived at the hospital without any incidents. My friend and I were dropped off at our building. I called my Caucasian friends at the building to come over and picked up some vegetables. It was a tiresome trip but I had a good time

Going to this trip gave me a chance to see the impoverished sector of Riyadh, saw the reactions of groups of expatriates to the restrictions imposed upon them by the authorities. The Filipinos were afraid and cautious to avoid confrontations with the authority. Whereas, the Caucasians were so bold to a point of violating some restrictions and consuming prohibited goods.
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