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Surviving Riyadh

Conclusion...What Were Behind Those Covered Faces?

Conclusion...What Were Behind Those Covered Faces?

Watching them I became self-conscious. Fortunately, some visitors were American and British expatriates from work. I struck conversation with them. Meanwhile, the Saudi women talked, made jokes and laughed at funny comments. Gone were their inhibitions at work.

Food, Arabian dishes, were served. I was not familiar with their food but I sampled every one of them. Some were very good and tasty to my taste.

After the party, I left with one of the American expatriate. I made a comment why these Saudi women bothered to wear their make up, had their nail polished and dressed up only to cover them. She remarked that for the married Saudi women, they did it for their husbands. I took the elevator to my fourth floor apartment, glad that I accepted the invitation and learned more about the Saudi women.

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