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Surviving Riyadh

Continue...What Are The Frameworks Of The Muslim Life?

Continue...What Are The Frameworks Of The Muslim Life?

Pillar #4: Fasting - Syam- Every year in the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast from first light until sundown, abstaining from food, drink and sexual relations. Those who are sick, elderly, or on a journey, women who are pregnant or nursing are permitted to break the fast and make up an equal number of days later in the year. If they are physically unable to do this, they must feed a needy person for every day missed. Although the fast is beneficial to the health, it is regarded principally as a method of self-purification.

Pillar #5: Pilgrimage - Hajj, he annual pilgrimage to Makkah is an obligation only for those who are physically and financially able to perform it, to journey at least once in his lifetime. The annual Hajj begins in the twelfth month of the Islamic year (which is Lunar, not solar, so that Hajj and Ramadan fall sometimes in summer, sometimes in winter). Pilgrims wear a special clothes: simple garments which strip away distinctions of class and culture, so that all stand equal before God. Makkah and Medina, as the Muslim holy cities are accessible to non-Muslims. Mosques are restricted to non-Muslim.

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