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Cultural Diversity in School

Cultural Diversity in School

The United States is the most culturally diverse country in the world. The Census Bureau projects that by the year 2100, the U.S. minority population will become the majority with non-Hispanic whites making up only 40% of the U.S. population. Thus, the school becomes culturally diverse. The students need to learn how to interact in a diverse environment.

Embracing cultural diversity in the classroom

Students attending schools with diverse population understand the perspective of children from different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural and multiethnic environment. A demand to find the most effective ways to help  students to academically succeed in public schools and learn how to get along in a culturally diverse school. It is the responsibilities of teachers to not favor one group over the other.

In addition, structure classroom activities

In a classroom the teacher can structure learning groups that are diverse and devise activities that require each student to contribute to the group. In this way students learn that each person in a group can contribute and has something of value to say.

The principal has a huge role in creating an environment where people respect the opinions of others and are open to multiple perspectives on any issue. This should be modeled for students, and in relations with faculty and staff, as well. Schools should strive to create an environment where all children feel valued and all children can learn.

The role of parents to promote positive environment that fosters achievements for all students at the school is crucial to accomplishing cultural diversity in school.

Keywords: cultural diversity in school, multicultural, multiethnic, teacher

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