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Surviving Riyadh

Destination...JFK International Airport in New York

Destination...JFK International Airport in New York

We boarded the plane that would take us to JFK International Airport in New York. Most of us sat with our fellow recruits. I relaxed as the plane took off. I closed my eyes. The pilot announced our arrival at JFK. I followed the other passengers as we exited the plane. The airport was very crowded. We had a long wait for our next flight. We walked a distance to the Saudia Airlines terminal. It was packed with Middle East passengers wearing their costumes.

I admired the beautiful outfit of the stewardess. Their heads were covered with veil. They wore satin layered clothing of aqua and gold. Some were covered entirely except their eyes. We shopped and browsed and had snack. We walked back to the airline counter to find a very long line. We followed the line.

There was an argument at the counter between a Middle East passenger and the airline clerk. Next to the counter were two lady recruits. Apparently, the recruits were able to get their boarding passes without standing in line. The Middle East passenger angrily shouted at the clerk. The security guards stepped in to help settle the dispute. To avoid further arguments, the ladies were asked to follow the line.

Standing in line with the Middle East passengers, I felt as though I was in another country. Finally, it was my turn on the counter. I presented my passport and airline tickets. The clerk scrutinized everything that I gave. He stamped them and gave them back to me. I sat on the bench and waited for the other recruits.

Keywords: JFK, New York, Saudi airline, Middle East, recruits, passengers



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