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Surviving Riyadh

Enjoyable Activities...Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Enjoyable Activities...Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


We had enjoyable activities such as desert trips and picnic organized in small groups. From time to time, theater and choral groups put on local productions. I enjoyed the Spring Concert presented by The Riyadh Choral Society with Cantabile and The Riyadh Ensemble.

Scuba diving was very popular for all ages. Lessons as well as rental equipments were readily available. Some expatriates made extra money teaching students.

Weekend visits to most of the major cities in Saudi Arabia were organized through the social club. Jeddah and Dhahran were the two most popular. Traveling from one major point by car (women not allowed to drive and had to travel with married couples) was an excellent way to see the countryside and experience Saudi Arabia up close.

Travel out of Riyadh, however, needed prior approval from the Hospital. A travel letter was easily obtained from the Personnel Department and had to be approved by the supervisor.

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