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Surviving Riyadh

Final Instructions

Final Instructions


JFK was our destination from Knoxville, Tennessee. I was awakened by the ringing of the phone. It was my wake-up call. I felt very weak but I got up, changed and locked my suitcases. We were instructed to leave our luggage at our room. I checked everything before I left the room. When I got off the elevator, I saw suitcases of different sizes being moved around. We were instructed to stick to the dimension of the suitcases we were supposed to carry.

The representatives were there giving us instructions. We had a quick breakfast, rushed to our vans and were driven to the airport. Each van had a representative who emphasized not to violate any rules and regulations while residing in Riyadh.

It was December, the airport was very crowded. We collected our individual luggage and followed the long line. The line was moving very slowly. By the time everybody checked-in their luggage and got their boarding passes, we just had a few minutes to catch our flight. We would see our luggage in Riyadh. The representatives hugged us and wished us safe flight and good luck.

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