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Surviving Riyadh

Final...Rights Of Saudi Women

Final...Rights Of Saudi Women

Saudi women were also restricted in their marriages. They were not allowed to choose their own husbands. They were allowed to have one husband of the same tribe, whereas Saudi men could have as many as four wives from different tribes. They could be put to death by their own male relatives if they committed adultery, which was punishable by death. In Saudi civil cases, the Saudi men were favored by the court.

Saudi women were also restricted in their education. They were restricted to education and health as their majors. They could not interact with their male professors. His lectures were delivered via television. They had limited educational resources because they had to be accompanied by their guardians wherever they went. They were segregated and discriminated.

I now have a deeper appreciation of my rights as a woman and have empathy for women whose rights are restricted after residing in Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: rights, Saudi women, marriages, adultery, education, guardian, Saudi Arabia.



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