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Surviving Riyadh

First Negotiation

First Negotiation

It was June after I rejected the second job offer. I was awakened by the ringing of my phone. It was Sultan. He asked me why I was still asleep. I should be at work. He must have called me at work. He made the job offer again the third time. He hoped I had changed my mind. I thanked him for his time but I hadn’t changed my mind. I said my goodbye. Sultan was persistent in hiring me.

My knowledge in instrumentation as well as the laboratory techniques gave me the ability to turn down job offers while others were being laid off. My supervisor and I collaborated with other groups. I was learning lots of techniques in the lab. Our results were very good. Meanwhile, my other projects were doing well. I planned my work well, thus able to accomplish a lot.

Negotiation eventually took place. Three months after I talked to Sultan, I received a call at work from a lady representative of the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), an agency that hired expatriates for King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. Sultan was ready to negotiate the salary. The offer was good yet I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to leave. She gave me time to think it over and gave her a call if I decided to accept the offer. The time frame was very short.

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