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Freda And Pete Had Individual Characteristics

Freda And Pete Had Individual Characteristics

Pete Love to Watched Himself in the Sliding Door Mirror. But That Didn’t Interest Freda
These two lovebirds had their individual characteristics. Freda was serious while Pete was playful and loves to watch himself in the mirror, flapping his wings while watching himself.

When out of the cage, he watched himself in the mirrored sliding door, turning and doing other tricks. Freda had no interest with the mirror.

The courtship began. Soon the pair started to mate. Pete climbed on the back of Freda holding on to her feathers for a tight grip. Pete varied her chirping when initiating the mating. Sometimes Freda initiated the mating. The mating took place several times a day.

During the mating, Pete produced a different sound. He became quite exhausted; panting hard by the time the mating was over. By listening to the sound of their chirping, I could tell what they were up to. Whenever I let them out of the cage, I gave some papers to Freda to read. As usual Pete was close by.

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