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Surviving Riyadh

General Information...Saudi Arabia

General Information...Saudi Arabia


Map of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is bordered by Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, and the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Land Areas
Land- 756,985 sq miles (1,960,582 sq km).
Water- 0 sq miles (0 sq km).

Total- 756,985 sq miles (1,960,582 sq km).

Area—comparative: slightly more than one-fifth the size of the US.

Climate: harsh, dry desert with great extremes of temperature.

Terrain: mostly uninhabited, sandy desert.

Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold, copper.

Natural hazards: frequent sand and dust storms.

Environment—current issues: desertification; depletion of underground water resources; the lack of perennial rivers or permanent water bodies has prompted the development of extensive seawater desalination facilities; coastal pollution from oil spills.

Keywords: Saudi Arabia, map, climate, area, natural resources, environment



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