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Surviving Riyadh

How To Withdraw Money From Bank Of Costa Rica

How To Withdraw Money From Bank of Costa Rica

I walked to the bank to find how how to withdraw money from Bank of Costa Rica. There were two individuals in line ahead of me. I found out that the guard would not allow anyone in until someone from the inside was done doing his/her business.

After a while, I was allowed to enter the door. The guard scanned my body and told me to show what were inside my purse. I complied. The guard inside helped me acquired my number. I took a sit and waited for my number to be called.

An hour later, my number was called. I walked to the window and asked the teller if she spoke English. She didn’t understand me. I showed her the copy of my passport as well as my debit card. She indicated that she needed the actual passport.

Having accomplished what I intended to do, I left the bank happy.

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