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Surviving Riyadh

Initial Encounter With A Saudi Man

Initial Encounter With A Saudi Man

I called Daisy after talking to Sultan. We planned what to do on Thursday. It was raining that morning. I left the packet that I planned to carry with me. I parked my car on the third floor of the structured parking and walked a block to McDonald’s to meet her.

Daisy was in her fifties but looked younger than her age. She stood 5 feet tall, medium built, high pitch voice and a ready smile. She was already there waiting for me. She was wearing a long dress and carried a bulky bag.
She asked where my stuffs were as we greeted each other. I told her that I left them at home. She ordered the Big Breakfast. I ordered pancakes and sausages. We talked about our trip to Disneyland. It was raining and the traffic would be bad. With breakfast over, we walked a block to the Enterprise car rental. I knew the way to Disneyland, my cousin had a house in Anaheim. I always took Interstate-5 when visiting them.

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