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Surviving Riyadh

Job Offer Negotiation

Job Offer Negotiation

I didn’t want to tell anybody about the job offer, but time was running out. Like it or not I had to make a decision. I started writing down the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the job. I did my research about Riyadh, made inquiries at Saudi Arabia consulate office. I blocked anything that would interfere with my work. I worked with expensive instruments and materials. I also worked with radioactive materials, very poisonous chemicals and body parts and fluids.

Finally, I decided to inform the family about my plan to go to Riyadh. They were shocked. They were all against it but they were aware that I would eventually make my own decisions. Sultan seemed nice. Saudi Arabia is a closed country. This was my chance to see it. According to Sultan, I could leave anytime if I was not happy. So far I was in demand, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a job if I decided to come back. I didn’t want this opportunity to haunt me later in life.

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