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Surviving Riyadh

KFSH’s Research Center

KFSH’s Research Center

The KFSH’s Research Center was very modern. The laboratory had sophisticated and expensive instruments. However, most of them were not working optimally at that time. I worked with men from different countries such as; Saudi Arabia, India, Canada, Pakistan and Australia. Most of them had PhD’s.
On my first day at work, I met Dr. Salman at his office. He was wearing an Arabian attire. He looked so different from the man I met in Anaheim, California, USA. At this point I would like to note that after working there for a while, some of his secretaries asked me how he looked in an American  attire. They never saw him in a different outfit and were very curious. His office was huge; desk and book shelves, wall painting, and different varieties of potted plants. He asked me if everything was all right with my trip and my apartment. I responded that I was okay. We talked for a while.

There was a training in-progress in DNA Sequencing and he wanted me to join the group. We walked to a small room packed with people. He introduced me to the group. He told the instructor to include me in the training. The instructor refused stating he already had three trainees. Dr. Salman told him to just do it and left. Nobody moved nor made a comment. I was stunned! They were all afraid of him. I wondered why he put up with me during the time he was offering me the job.

KFSH, Research Center, laboratory instruments, Anaheim, American attire, Arabian attire

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