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Surviving Riyadh

Lovebird's Nest

Lovebird's Nest

A friend of mine who bred lovebirds told me to purchase a nest box. She recommended I buy a book about lovebirds. I bought a book and a nest box for the lovebirds. I was surprised to see how big the nest box was compared to the size of the Lovebirds.

I attached the nest box to the open window of the cage. Immediately, Freda went inside, and Pete followed. They spent most of their time inside the nest box. I also noticed that Freda stopped eating from the bowl.

Pete, on the other hand, was constantly eating. Freda sat at the door of the nest box and Pete regurgitated and dislodged his food inside Freda's beak. Her feathers changed from a lovely green to a dull color.

Occasionally, she came out of the nest box and vomited. She acted strangely, quite mean and even bit Pete after being fed. Pete cried out and flew to his swing. I could no longer touch Freda. She stayed inside the cage most of the time, coming out only to do her droppings.

Curious about Freda's strange behavior, I opened the nest box’s top and peaked inside the nest; there were three tiny eggs. Freda rushed back inside and started chirping loudly and angrily.

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