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Surviving Riyadh

Meditation By James Allen

Meditation By James Allen

By Thought we rise; by Thought we fall, by Thought
We stand or go; all destiny is wrought
By its swift potency, and he who stands
Master of Thought, and his desires commands,
Willing and weaving thoughts of Love and Alight,
Shapes his high end in Truth’s unerring Light.

He who does not find The way of Meditation cannot reach
Emancipation and enlightenment.
But thou wilt find the way of Holy Thought;
With mind made calm and steadfast, thou will see
The Permanent amid the mutable,
The Truth eternal in the things that change:
Thou wilt behold the Perfect Law: Cosmos
From Chaos rises when the conquered self
Lies underneath man’s heel: Love be thy strength;
Look on the passion-tortured multitudes,
And have compassion on them; know their pain
By thy long sorrow ended. Thou wilt come
To perfect peace, and so wilt bless the world,
Leading unto the High and Holy Way
The feet of them that seek.—And now I go
To my Abode; go thou unto thy work.

To Your Success,


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