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Surviving Riyadh

More About Shopping In Riyadh

More About Shopping In Riyadh

The shopping facilities were excellent. Going to groceries were simple. There were many supermarkets where canned goods, meats, frozen food, and fresh produce were sold. The selection and quality of foods were impressive. Fresh vegetables were easily procured in local open markets and at various stands scattered throughout the city. Fruits were plentiful, some imported from other neighboring countries. Others were grown locally.

Good cheese selection, butter, fresh eggs and diet products were always available. We could purchased reprocessed and fresh milk. It had longer storage time and I often wondered about it.
Meats other than pork, which was forbidden, were imported fresh and frozen from other countries such as Denmark, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Australia. They also butchered lamb and beef locally. Fresh fish was available each morning and frozen ones were obtainable in the grocery stores.

Shopping for recreational items. A good selection of electronic equipments available. The quantity and quality of televisions were high and prices were reasonable. Household appliances, computers and sports equipment were procurable. Supplies of art materials were plentiful and toy stores were stocked with many western products.

There were many interesting treasures to be found in Riyadh and throughout Saudi Arabia. Oriental rugs, particularly Afghan, Shira and crude Bokharas were fairly reasonable. Bedouin silver jewelry, copper and brass pots and camel saddle bags were among the collectibles.

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