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Surviving Riyadh

More...A Chance To Meet An Arabian

A Chance To Meet An Arabian

My supervisor was a Pathologist and a Principal Investigator. After working for him for six years, we had a very good work relationship. I asked him if I could attend this conference. He gave me permission to go so long as I canceled appointments scheduled for the instruments for that day. I thanked him.
That evening, I called Sultan. I told him I could see him on a Thursday at the convention center. He instructed me to bring my bio-data. I reminded him that he already had it. Sultan forgot to bring bio-data with him. He wanted me to fax it to him.

I also asked Sultan if I could have a friend accompany me. Daisy needed a job and was hoping he could help her find a job at the hospital. She had a minor in Biology. He would try to help her. Sultan would have somebody to talk to Daisy while he interviewed me. We would meet at a booth at Hilton Hotel. I had to leave a note for him if he wasn’t there. He described himself as thin.

Before I hung up, I asked if he was a prince. He laughed and denied it. He would see me on Thursday. However, while in Riyadh, I found out that he was the nephew of the King and was groomed to head the Research Center.

Keywords: Arabian, bio-data, hospital, Biology, prince, Riyadh


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