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Surviving Riyadh

More...Initial Encounter With A Saudi Man

More...Initial Encounter With A Saudi Man

The traffic was not bad in spite of the rain. Our conversation was focused on meeting Sultan. We imagined Sultan as an old man wearing a turban on his head and with a long beard. We exited the Freeway. I followed the street that led us to Hilton Hotel. I parked on the second floor of the structured parking. I wrote down the information where the car was parked and we took the stairs down. My friend swayed when she stepped on her dress.

On our way to the Hilton Hotel, people of different nationalities were walking in a hurry. We presumed they were there to attend the conference. Some wore turbans but were young. We proceeded to the booth where we were supposed to meet Sultan and his companion. They were not there yet. I left a message for Sultan. We were laughing at our jokes as we left the booth and didn’t noticed two men approaching us. The shorter one extended his right hand to me for a handshake and stated my name.
I was dumbfounded after meeting him. This guy looked young, medium built and height. He had a wide forehead, thinning hair and wearing a Western outfit. I was surprised and asked him how he knew it was me instead of my friend.

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