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Surviving Riyadh

More...Interviewed By HCA Representative

More...Interviewed By HCA Representative

It was a long story. I came to the United States of America as a professional with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree from the Philippines. I related everything from the time I arrived in America to the companies I worked for such as G. D. Searle & Co. in Skokie; Northwestern University in Evanston and Chicago campuses; Department of Health in Chicago.

These companies were all located in Illinois; University of Southern California; and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California. The kind of research works I did and the demand of the work. I pulled my evaluation papers, the publications I co-authored, Instrumentation certificates, and other pertinent documents from my folder and passed them over to her.

The interview was interrupted while she read my documents. She was impressed with my accomplishments. She could see why Sultan pursued me. Then it was her turn to inform me about the job, benefits, culture and restrictions, and etc. Finally, she gave me a few weeks to accept or reject the offer. I thanked her and we said our goodbyes.

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