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Surviving Riyadh

More...Prayer Times In Saudi Arabia

More...Prayer Times In Saudi Arabia

•    In Saudi, however, when prayer time comes, the entire economy comes to a sudden stop!

•    Stores close, restaurants shut their doors, and things come to a complete stop until the prayers are over.

•    Considering this happens 5 times a day, you can imagine how much of an irritation that becomes!

•    Everyone I knew in Riyadh carried a prayer schedule with them at all times. You planned any day out in the public or downtown around the prayer schedules.

•    If you were in a restaurant or grocery store and prayer time was called, you were able to be locked in and continue to eat or gather groceries into your cart.

•    The lights would be dimmed, but you were able to go about your business. If you went to eat at night though you always carried a candle so you could see your food when the lights went out during prayers!

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