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More...The Rights Of Saudi Women

More... The Rights Of Saudi Women

While Saudi women were entirely covered and the only visible parts of their body were their hands, women from Sudan didn't cover their eyes. Women from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh didn't cover their faces. The Americans, Canadians, the British, and non-Muslim women were allowed to wear our dresses so long as they were modest within the hospital compound. However, once we ventured outside the hospital compound, we were required to wear a black garment called ‘abaya’ to cover ourselves and to cover our hair with scarves preferably black.

Saudi women of all ages were accompanied by a male, their guardian wherever they went. They were segregated from male in social gatherings and some public places. An example, at the hospital cafeteria, there were two entrances, one for men and one for women. Husbands and wives could not dine together.

Outside the hospital compound, there were businesses that would not allow women to enter their building. Fortunately, there were also some places that allowed men and women to dine together and one such place was the Turkish restaurant. We frequented this place almost every Wednesday evening after work to just socialized. By the way, workweek in Saudi Arabia started on Saturday to Wednesday and their weekends were Thursday and Friday.

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