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Surviving Riyadh

My First Culture Shock

My First Culture Shock


At the Saudia Airline Terminal, we got up and followed the line assigned to the numbers of our boarding passes. When they started boarding the plane, the lines became useless. The passengers rushed towards the restraining lines. I held on to my belongings. I was sandwiched by the passengers and moved with them.

One by one the stewards and stewardess checked our boarding passes and directed us to our seats. I sat by the window, my co-recruit sat next to me. The two seats on the aisle were occupied by a couple from the Middle East. Steward and stewardess moved from aisle to aisle assisting passengers.

Inside the Saudia Airline, I experienced my first culture shock. I noticed a lady covered from her head to her toes with a black dress. Then there was a Middle East male passenger who was almost naked except for a tiny clothing covering his private part. I was stunned. My co-recruit told me that whatever I saw was nothing. She said to wait until we got to Riyadh.

The lady in front of our seat was arguing with the stewardess. She had a baby and her six years old son had no seat. The plane was overbooked. She was reassured by the stewardess that they would find a seat for both of them. Some passengers had heated arguments with the stewardess because they didn't have their seats.

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