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Natural Herbal Remedies...An Alternative To Drugs

Natural Herbal Remedies…An Alternative To Drugs

Herbal alternative medicine has come a long way. Nowadays, you don't have to always go to health food stores to find natural herbal remedies. A lot of them are actually carried in mainstream drugstores as well as supermarkets. Whether you have a cold, flu, constipation, anxiety, or some other disease, there is probably a natural herbal remedy for it. People use herbal sore throat remedies before even going to the doctor!

In some ways, this emphasis on natural herbal remedies makes a lot of sense. We can no longer depend on the mainstream medical establishment. Drugs are recalled after being prescribe for a while. They cause cancer or heart attack. Natural herbal remedy becomes an alternative.

The drug companies have so much influence on how medicine is done nowadays that doctors don't really cure diseases anymore. They simply give you a pill and send you home. Natural herbal remedies try to get at the root of things, and in this way they are good for you.

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