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Surviving Riyadh

Our body, a Miraculous Machine

Our Body, A Miraculous Machine

Our body is a miraculous machine and functions with remarkable reliability. It is an amazing structural masterpiece. The body in which we live is our oldest, closest personal possession.

We are made up of thousands upon thousands of complex chemical compounds. Water is the main substance accounting to about 70 to 80% of our body. The most abundant substances next to water (10 to 20%) is protein. The rest, inorganic salts (combinations of metals with non-metals), lipids (mainly fats), carbohydrates (sugar) and nucleic acids. DNA contains the master plans for building the body and RNA enables the body to follow those plan.

Our body is a high organized, marvelously designed, living organism. Our body constructs itself. It grows, acts, reacts, regulates its own activities, and repairs itself. Our body reproduces thus ensure the continuity of our life.

When we are healthy, we take our body for granted. We don’t do anything to maintain it and sometimes even abuse it, until our body sends out signals that something is wrong. The symptoms can be minor but it can also be a serious problem such as diabetes, heart diseases, kidney problems, blindness and even death.

Keywords; body, miraculous machine, protein, water, organism, DNA

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