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Pregnancy And Depression

Pregnancy And Depression

About 10-20 percent of women experience depression during their pregnancy. After all, with pregnancy you gain weight, hormones in your body changes, the stresses and expectations of having a baby, and concern over whether it will all be all right. But depression can interfere with your ability to take care of yourself and put your developing baby in danger especially if you choose substances such as alcohol, smoking, and drug to alleviate your problem.

It’s never an easy task to get ready for the arrival of your baby, but your health must take priority for the sake of your unborn child. Share your feelings with your family and get support from them. With pregnancy your body changes but it’s not just you who’s affected by your state of mind but your child as well. Studies have shown that happy mothers have more happy children. Depression during pregnancy can affect your baby's state of mind. Simple things like taking a walk, saying daily affirmations, or even praying can help you out with your depression. 

Antidepressant medicines are sometimes recommended to treat your depression that will not harm your baby at least for a short term (Consult your doctor before using any antidepressant medicine). However, you may not be comfortable taking them. Pregnancy and depression are serious problems but taking antidepressant medicines can put your unborn child at risks. There are safer ways to ease your problems. You can use meditation, yoga, gentle exercise, and a healthy diet to reduce your risk of depression.

As far as I can tell, almost every pregnant woman gets depressed from time to time during their pregnancy.  The thing for you to do is to make sure you have a good support network. Surround yourself with people who care about you and will take care of you. When you’re pregnant, you have to be able to relax and enjoy your life. Delegate some of your task to other members of your family and let them take care of you.

Note! Always consult your doctor before doing anything. This article is for information purposes.

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