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Pregnancy Week By Week Calendar

Pregnancy Week By Week Calendar

As a mom you probably remember almost every detail of your pregnancy. Waiting for your new baby to arrive is a time filled with variety of emotions including joy mixed with some fear. For a woman experiencing her first pregnancy, she’s likely looking for all the information she can find on what to expect during these nine months. There are many websites that give pregnancy week by week descriptions that are very helpful.

One of the things you constantly wonder about is what your developing baby looks like. You want to know when each part of the body appears and how soon hair develops. This can easily be obtained with the pregnancy calendar. You can find images of exactly what the fetus looks like at each week of its development. This includes images from right after conception and pictures of the fetus during pregnancy week by week until delivery.

As an expectant mom you’re curious about your body changes. It’s going to change just as the baby grows and change during your pregnancy. Your waistline expands, your ankles may enlarge and you may notice changes in your smell and taste hating the smell and taste of food you used to love. You may suffer morning sickness too. A pregnancy week by week can provide information about you and the unborn baby.

As the baby grows you expect to gain weight during your pregnancy. The weight gain during pregnancy will nourish your baby. However, you have to be very careful how much weight you’ll gain. Your doctor can provide this information. Gaining more weight than is necessary can create problems not only to yourself but to your baby as well.

Even though your most concern during your pregnancy is the development of your baby, there are ways to ensure a healthy childbearing experience such as walking, swimming, Yoga and other activities prior to your conception. Consult your doctor what activities you can continue during your pregnancy. There are good reasons why you need to exercise. Exercise promotes a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It provides extra energy you need. Exercise keep you fit and keep the amount of weight you need.

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