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Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy Weight Gain

The health of the child is the primary concern of pregnant women, followed by gaining weight during their pregnancy. Many doctors recommend the following: It is safe for pregnant women with regular weight prior to pregnancy to gain 25 to 35 pounds, underweight women 28-40 pounds, and overweight women 15-25 pounds.

Some pregnant women think they have to eat for two, thus gaining a lot more weight than they should. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can create problems for you and your unborn child.  A large baby risks complication during delivery. Large babies will also grow up an obese child. On the other hand being underweight during pregnancy you risks having a preterm infant. Your doctor will be able to tell you what a safe pregnancy weight gain for you.

Do not skimp on your meals during your pregnancy. Make sure you eat the food that will nourish you as well as your unborn child. Your body needs extra vitamins and minerals to help feed your growing unborn child. If you overeat, your body will store everything as fat. If your weight gain begins to get out of control it can result in many medical problems.

Contact your doctor at once if you’re worried about your pregnancy weight gain. Tell your doctor about your worries. Your doctor may recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise. Remember that your weight gain will not necessarily go away when you have your baby. You can expect that some of your pregnancy weight gain will stay with you for a few months or more after you have given birth.

If you choose to breast-feed, you may find the weight comes off quicker than you thought. This is also helpful for your baby. Research showed that breast-feed babies are likely to develop a better physical and mental skills in comparison to those babies who are not breast-feed. However, if you are still carrying around your pregnancy weight gain after a few months and have not lost a pound, you may want to talk to your doctor or dietician about how to get those extra pounds off. Thyroid abnormalities can be causing your problem too.

Note! This article is mainly for information purposes. Always consult your doctor about your health issue.

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