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Surviving Riyadh

Reaction Of My Family To My Decision

Reaction Of My Family To My Decision

I finally informed my family about my decision to accept the job. They didn’t make any comment. They knew that I took chances. My mother didn't want to move to Oregon to stay with my sister but I felt she needed somebody to take care of her while I was gone. I waited for the last day to call the HCA representative and told her my decision to accept the job. She would inform their main office in Knoxville, Tennessee about my decision. They would be sending me lots of paperwork. I had to send them back on the dates indicated.

I had to rent the house. I hired a real estate agency to take care of the renting and rentals of the house. They told me that it would be easier to rent the house if it was empty. Upon hearing this condition, I was not sure whether to leave or not. I had so many things to dispose of. There were things that I’d accumulated throughout the years, my pets and plants. Eventually, I decided not to back out. I put an ad in a local newspaper looking for a good home for my dogs. I had two dogs and seven birds. I had to be sure they would not be abused. My birds, except one would be adopted by my neighbor.

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