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Surviving Riyadh

San Jose Tour

San Jose Tour

After taking a few pictures inside and outside their house, Amber and I took a cab that would take us to the bus station. It was 11 a.m.  There was a long line for the bus bound for San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. I enjoy the scenery of the places that we were passing.

Upon arrival, we walked and took pictures of places and buildings unique to Costa Rica. One thing I noticed were the numbers of people around. Amber made a comment that she was no longer used to this kind of crowd.

We had to be very cautious crossing the streets. To be safe, we crossed the streets with the crowd. Along the streets, there were lots of vendors selling different stuffs. One guy caught my attention. He was creating these awesome paintings and did it in a very short time.

We walked a lot to visit more places. It was time for lunch. I wanted to taste KFC chicken in Costa Rica. The place was crowded. Amber had to stay in line to order for our food. I stayed at the table so that nobody would take it. It took a while before Amber returned with the food. We both enjoyed the it.

Back to walking. We stopped by to watch a show on the stage. Ladies with beautiful outfits were singing and dancing. With my limited knowledge of Spanish, I tried to understand what their songs were about. We continued our walk, passing by stores and more crowds.

Finally, it was time to leave. We stopped by an Italian restaurant to order a pizza to go. We took a cab to the bus station bound for Grecia.

It was a tiresome but very interesting trip. Watch for the next blog…




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