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Surviving Riyadh

Second Stage of Culture Shock

Second Stage of Culture Shock

Afterwards, the second stage presents itself. You, the newcomer, may encounter some difficult times and crises in your daily life. For example, communication difficulties may occur such as not being understood. In this stage, there may be feelings of discontent, impatience, anger, sadness, and incompetence.

There's also a longing for the things you, took for granted and no longer available.  You dislike the restrictions imposed upon you. You encounter stress dealing with your daily living. You no longer get the help and guidance that you experienced as a newcomer. You only focus on the negative. 

This happens when you're trying to adapt to a new culture that is very different from your culture of origin. Transition between the old methods and those of the new country is a difficult process and takes time to complete. During the transition, there can be strong feelings of dissatisfaction. Sometimes at this stage, you can’t handle the situation and decide to leave the country.

Keywords: culture shock, discontent, anger, transition, culture

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