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Surviving Riyadh

Shopping While Residing in Riyadh

Shopping While Residing in Riyadh


Shopping was one of the activities I enjoyed while residing in Riyadh. The hospital provided transportation to take women residing inside the hospital compound to the mall. At a certain time throughout the week, buses were scheduled to different supermarkets or souks.

I always shopped with friends. We tried to schedule it in between prayer times. Occasionally, however, we would end up waiting outside the store until the prayer was over.

We covered our hair and wore our abayas. We didn't want to be harassed by the Mutaween who imposed the dress code. We waited for the bus in front of our building. Depending on the pick-up route, the buses would arrive empty or very full. They came on scheduled time except when they broke down. We were driven to the location along narrow streets.

The bus driver waited while we shopped for an hour and a half. The departure time was noted such that everybody would be inside the bus when it leaves. Shoppers who were in a hurry could take a taxi back to their buildings. By the way, the bus rides were free. Sometimes we would take a cab to shop at Euromache or Batha.

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