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Surviving Riyadh

Social Club...KFSH&RC

Social Club...KFSH&RC

•     The KFSH&RC has a number of recreational facilities open to staff, including swimming pools, tennis courts, a bowling alley, and amenities center.

•    In addition, the Employee Social Club & Recreation Services offer a number of recreational courses, exercise programs and trips and a variety of other benefits to the employees.

•    Hospital employees and their dependents were eligible for membership.

•    It published a bulletin on a regular basis that included a calendar of classes, trips and other events available to members.

•    There was a small monthly fee and offered discounts on a variety of local events and item.

•    Desert trips and picnic were organized in small groups.

•    From time to time, theater and choral groups put on local productions.

•    There were championship competitions.

•    Players went to different cities to compete for these events.

•    Tennis was very popular.

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