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Stages of Culture Shock

Stages of Culture Shock

The Roget’s Super Thesaurus (second edition) define culture shock as alienation, anxiety, confusion “stranger in a strange land.”

You experienced culture shock when you are uprooted and become a “newcomer” within an alien culture. Whether consciously or unconsciously, everyone who has ever traveled or relocated has experienced it.

Who have experience living in another country? I posed that question because the topic of today’s blog is ‘The Stages of Culture Shock’. America is the most culturally diverse country in the world with 11% of the population is foreign born and 18% of the household speak a language other than English.

So, what is culture shock?  Culture shock is like a disease. It affects a person emotionally.  The length of time and the degree of severity is dependent on the person. This occurs when one is leaving a familiar culture to a different culture.

Tomorrow, I'll post the first stage of culture shock.

Keywords: culture shock, diverse, America, foreign born, language

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