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Surviving Riyadh

Supervisor Wore An Arabian Attire

Supervisor Wore An Arabian Attire

Sultan, my Arabian supervisor, would be there to meet me after this last day of orientation. The topics were about salaries, passport, benefits, identification cards and amenities. When the last speaker was called, I felt my heart pounding faster and my hands were drenched with sweat. It was time to meet my supervisor, Dr. Sultan Salman.  I didn't know how to face him after giving him a hard time during the hiring process.

He smiled as I approached him, I felt better. He told me to look at him indicating his attire. He wore a brown thawb (an ankle-length shirt woven from wool or cotton) and his head piece. The man I met in Anaheim, California wore an American attire. He asked how my trip was and did I like my apartment. I thanked him and told him that everything was fine.

Sultan said to follow him. We walked a short distance. We entered his office. He introduced me to his secretaries, mostly Filipino citizens. Smiling, he made a comment that they invaded him. We climbed up the stairs to the third floor. There I met Mike and some of Sultan’s staff. Mike, a Canadian, was a tall, handsome but looked arrogant. He extended his hand and told me that he heard so much about me. I told him likewise.

He was a prominent name during my conversation with Sultan. He had warned me about Mike’s attitude and possible troubles with him. Sultan told Mike to show me their instruments. They had very modern instruments. Mike claimed that he was in-charged.

It was dark outside. This was the first time I was going home by myself. I wondered how I was going to ask directions, I didn’t speak the Arabic language. I approached a young man and asked for direction. He told me to follow him. He pointed to the direction of my building. I thanked him and followed the path to my building. I took the elevator to my apartment. I got a message that my suitcases had arrived. Along with recruits whose suitcases were missing, we rode the hospital van to the airport. To our surprised, our suitcases were processed quickly.

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