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Surviving Riyadh

The Interview Of My Friend

The Interview Of My Friend

I heard your voice was the response of Sultan to my question how he recognized me when we first met. My friend and I were of the same height. I was wearing a mini-skirt and high heeled shoes and my friend was wearing a long skirt. He introduced his companion to me and my friend. His companion was tall and thin. His features indicated that he came from India. I introduced my friend. Sultan wanted to check his messages at the booth. He got my message. We went to a restaurant where we could talk.

We took a table away from the crowd. Sultan interviewed my friend first. She was ready for the interview. Sultan's companion and I listened during the interview. She proceeded to tell Sultan her educational background, her work experiences, why she was laid off and the reason why she turned down the job offer in Riyadh. Sultan promised to help her find a job at the hospital.

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