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Surviving Riyadh

The Pilot's Prayer

The Pilot’s Prayer


The time dragged on until finally the pilot announced that the plane was getting ready to take off. The stewardess announced procedures to follow in the event of an emergency. The seats were upright and the cabin locked. The pilot started praying. I felt the plane taxied and a few minutes it stopped. With the loud boom it took off.

When the plane stabilized, I wrapped myself with the blanket, using the pillow to cushion my head, settled and closed my eyes. The crying of the babies and other noises never ceased since we boarded the plane. Meals were served. My meal consisted of chicken with rice and vegetable, dessert and coffee. I didn’t have any appetite. I sampled a bit of everything. I handed the tray back to the stewardess, leaned back on my seat and closed my eyes.

I woke up nauseated with a terrible headache. I was air sick. I forgot to take my Dramamine. I stood and signaled the stewardess to come over.  She asked if I needed something. I requested for water. I swallowed the pill and went back to sleep. My sleep was interrupted by the prayers, noises, and meals being served. Going to the restroom was a struggle.

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