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Surviving Riyadh

The Rights of Women In Saudi Arabia

The Rights Of Women In Saudi Arabia

Women in America take their rights for granted, whereas, women in some countries have restricted rights. One such country is Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, rights of women...only fifty percent compared to the rights of Saudi men. They are restricted first in their daily lives, restricted in their marriages, and restricted in their education.

Restrictions imposed in their daily lives. All women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. Now the Saudi government has a plan to lift the ban, however, it will take time before they’ll implement it. Saudi women are covered from their head to their toes with a black cloak in the presence of male other than their husbands and male relatives. At work I interacted with women from other Muslim countries and they covered themselves in different ways.

Keywords: rights of women, Saudi Arabia, restrictions, marriages, education



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