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Surviving Riyadh

Tour...Poas Volcano, Doka Coffee Plantation, And La Paz Waterfalls Garden Part 1

Tour...Poas Volcano, Doka Coffee Plantation, And La Paz Waterfalls Garden Part 1


Last Saturday, Jan. 18th, I took another tour to Poas volcano, Doka coffee plantation, and La Paz Waterfalls Garden offered by Costa Rica Tour and Travel tour group. I was picked up in front of the Hampton Inn, Alajuela. There was another passenger that was picked up before proceeding to Doka coffee plantation.

Unlike my previous tour, this group was a combination of younger and older individuals. There were 19 passengers including  the tour guide, Melvin and Jose, the driver. As a way of introducing us to the group, Melvin called our names and where we came from as we acknowledged his call. Most of us were from different states of the United States of America, a couple from Brazil, a young lady from England, and another young lady from Germany.

On our way to the Doka coffee plantation, Melvin did a good job of informing us the history of the Doka coffee plantation, the owners and the generations of the family who took over the business. Upon arriving Melvin showed us how the coffee seed was planted and grown.

We toured the different stages of processing the coffee beans from the time it was picked up to the final coffee product. Roasting time such as 15 minutes, 17 minutes, and 20 minutes were very crucial in classifying the kind of coffee product it would produce.  We had a delicious breakfast and later directed to a shop where we could buy coffee and other items.

Our next stop was Poas volcano. It was raining, cloudy, windy, and cold. We stopped at a store for some of us to buy raincoats, had coffee before our 15 minutes walk to the viewing section of the volcano.  Like my previous tour, I could not see anything but the clouds below.

I joined the couple from Brazil who decided to go back where the bus was parked, while some of us took the 45 minutes walk to another section of the volcano.

Part 2 for the rest of my tour tomorrow.



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