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Surviving Riyadh

Tour...Poas Volcano, Doka Coffee Plantation, And La Paz Waterfalls Garden Part 2

Tour...Poas Volcano, Doka Coffee Plantation, And La Paz Waterfalls Garden Part 2


Continue from Part 1...

There was a building where we could wait for the rest before our departure.  At the first floor there were exhibits of different species of animals, birds, reptiles, and etc. that originated in Costa Rica. At the second floor was a gift shop. There were various items to choose from. The salespeople were closed by to help with questions about the items.

We left the place at noon for our next stop, La Paz Waterfalls Garden.  With our tour guide leading us, we walked a path where we viewed the different species of birds. Some of the birds were tamed and allowed some of us to touch them. It was a sight to watch the hummingbirds gracefully moving from one petal to the next.

Then we viewed the different species of butterflies. We were instructed not to touch them. Melvin gave us a preview of the stages of the metamorphosis of a butterfly, from the egg to a full grown butterfly. We watched the final stage where a butterfly came out of the cocoon. We viewed the different species of frogs followed by the different species of snakes before we were treated to lunch.

Lunch was a buffet style. There were lots of food to choose from. I had salad, a piece of  pizza, pork, vegetable, and rice. I had mango juice for my beverage. I joined two American ladies, mother and her daughter, on a table. I had papaya and pineapple fruits for my dessert. It was a very delicious lunch.

After lunch, Melvin took us to a path where we could view the different species of monkeys, lions, tigers and other animals. The last one to view was the waterfalls. Melvin told us that we would not be returning to the path that we came from. We would follow the path that would led us to the end of the path where our bus would pick us up.

I walked the path that led me to the waterfalls. I marveled at enormous force of water falling from the top to the bottom. I appreciated the wonders all around me. Others were posing and taking pictures. I continued my walk watching every step I made. It was wet and could be slippery. After walking a distance I saw an arrow indicating the path to follow leading to the shuttles.

At this time, I was very tired, but I had to keep on. It seemed like forever, but I finally reach the end of the path. It was a gift shop. I was the first one in the group to arrive. I was so exhausted. I checked some of the items they had and finally went down, sat on a bench to wait for the rest. The mother and daughter soon arrived.

I figured out why the path to the end was very long. It was to gave the tourist the opportunities to see the beautiful scenery around. Unfortunately for me, I had to watch my steps. Before long, the rest of us arrived. A few minutes later, our bus arrived. I relaxed as we drove back to be dropped off at the hotels where the bus picked us up. It was a very tiresome but enjoyable trip.




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