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Unequal Rights Of Men And Women In Saudi Arabia

Unequal Rights Of Men And Women In Saudi Arabia

Rights of Saudi Women: Daughters whether single or married, can own and dispose their properties and earnings. However, by law, daughters inherit only half as much of their father’s estate as sons.

Their testimonies in criminal cases are not acceptable at all. In Saudi civil cases, wives testimonies carry far less weight than that of men.

Their testimonies in Saudi courts are treated unequally that it affects their self-confidence.

They can be put to death by their male relatives for extramarital affairs that are punishable by death.

They are always accompanied in public by their guardian and they're required to avoid clothing that reveal or emphasize their bodies

Saudi men are permitted four wives and to marry other religious believers while Saudi women can only marry Muslims.
They can’t choose their own husbands. The right of divorce is just granted for male.

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